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Get To Use The DOS Prompt With Simple DOS Commands

Below are a few DOS commands that could be most useful to use inside the Command prompt window { DOS Window }.

If you need to install or run something important, simply select the "Command Prompt - Admin" option on the main start menu. This will allow for a more successful operation and user experience.

Some DOS { Disk Operating System } commands to remember:

  • cd\                     - Change the path to the root directory.
  • cd..                    - Go back up one folder / Previous directory.
  • cd /D D:            - Change the drive path to Drive D main root. { D:\> }
  • dir                       - List directory content.
  • dir /w                  - List directory content in full width of the screen.
  • dir /p                   - Pause after each screen full of information.

To view all the parameters that is available to each command:

  • C:\>help [command]             - Type "help" plus the command you need help with. {do not add the brackets}

To view the whole list of commands that are available to you through the command prompt window, just type "help" and press enter.

  • C:\>help

Simple DOS commands. Tutorials to make you a better software user.

Some more easy to use commands to remember:

Type "exit" and press enter to properly close the command prompt window.

Use the following key combination [ Alt + Enter ] to view the command prompt window in full screen, just like in the olden days before Windows 95!



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