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Who Are We Exactly?

We are the proverbial and also literal expression of "two guys in a garage", what else is new... right? My brother and I set out to provide computer-users with free quality office software and applications without any digital restrictions attached. We make using software fun again; No more tears and pulling hair when using our free software.

Our two main design philosophies behind the interfaces of SSuite Office applications are to enhance the visual interaction between the user and the application, and keeping the overall display as simplistic and consistent as possible. By doing this, it improves productivity and ease of use, as users do not have to spend extra time to learn the interfaces and inner workings of each Application.

So you see... our software is made with you in mind!

We only use the WIN32 API to create native Windows Applications. No Java or DotNet required. Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time. Updated for the latest Dekstop, Laptop, and Surface Pro tablets. We provide only the best free office software downloads available on the internet. No one can beat our free word processors, text editor, spreadsheets, and best free office suites. Only from SSuite Office Software. Created by Van Loo Software. Brilliant and Fantastic together in one place.            Here's How To Running SSuite Office Software On Apple OS X and More...            Here's How To Running SSuite Office Software On Linux Ubuntu and Many More...           Get yourself web based apps like our new text editors, spreadsheet, and word processors. Updated for the latest Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Surface Pro tablets.

Modern, Colourful, Useful

More About Our Free Office Software...

Powerful Tools To Help You Be More Productive

Free and Fast running Software from SSuite Office. The best place to get you free software downloads. No Java or DotNet required. Green Energy Software. WIN32 API native Windows Applications.Our free applications have the smallest system footprint possible and consume almost no resources, making them the fastest running software available. We have no trial versions present, no recurring service or subscription fees for anyone to pay, and no registration of personal information is necessary. There is also no need to install Java or DotNet to run our software.

Going Native Is A Good Thing

We only use the WIN32 API to create native Windows Applications. No Java or DotNet required. Green Energy Software. Saving the planet one bit at a time...Our software is written in native Windows code, which is the same code as Windows itself. By using the WIN32 API {Windows Application Programming Interface}, our software doesn't need to be interpreted by another operating system like Java or DotNet to run, making our software compatible with past and future Windows operating systems; From Windows 95 up to Windows 10 and beyond.

Leaders In Peer-To-Peer LAN Communications

This new server-less communications without the need of internet connections messenger software application is suitable all for Desktop Computers, laptops, ultrabooks and Surface Pro Tablets, or just old and crappy computers. Click Here for some brilliant and excellent free instant LAN and Wi-Fi chatting tools, only find the best office software on the internet here.Our selection of server-less local area network applications are the most extensive available. We have it all, from video phones, instant chat messengers, to full featured collaboration software for instant conferencing and file transfers to other people connected to your LAN and Wi-Fi networks.


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