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Legal Notice - Software Available on Our Website

All the software available for download on our website is licensed as freeware for private and commercial use. In short, from a Technical / Legal point of view, the software available on this site are All 'Gratis Proprietary Software' and not free open source software.

Please use the free software responsibly.

Thank you kindly.

Legal Notice - Components and Code

A small part of the components and code that are incorporated in our software applications and office suites, were found all over the internet. They were all labelled as freeware, hints, and tips by their authors. Most of our components and code came from the following websites:

  • Delphi Pages
  • Torry
  • About Delphi

So if there are any complaints, take a look at the above mentioned web sites for further reference.

Legal Notice - Adobe® PDF Creation

Our PDF Memo Creator application, was constructed from a freeware component, found on the internet. For further reference, please follow this link - PDF Component. It was indicated according to its license, it is completely freeware, without any restrictions.

Any license violations should be made to the author of the component.

Legal Notice - MP3 Licensing

Due to the controversial licensing scheme by the new owners of the mp3 format, it is our decision, never to use this format in any of our applications and office suites ever again, now or in the future.

If it is found among our office suites, it is purely accidental, placed there by human error, or incorporated in an old version of our office suite distributed before the licensing scheme changed to what it is today.

Previous schemes allowed for free use if it was used for personal use only, or used by a company who's revenue was less than $100,000 per year. If there are any problems found with our office suites, regarding mp3 licensing breaches, please do not start legal action without consulting us first. We will do our best to rectify the situation.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Legal Notice - Icons and Digital Images

Part of the icons and digital images found in our applications and office suites, were downloaded from web sites all over the world. They were all labelled as free for download. Some icons came free with graphical utilities on magazine cover CD's.

The most important web site, was from the following individual and institution:

  • Paul Boyer
  • Odyssey-3 Ilhistration

We would like to give them credit for their amazing talent in creating some of the worlds best icons and digital images. Thank you.

Final Legal Notice

If it is found that we breached any license in any way, it was purely accidental, by human error, or due to changing license conditions in previous office suites and applications.

We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. Please do not start with legal action without contacting us first. We will do our best to rectify the situation.

Thank you very kindly.

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