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Your Safety and Privacy are Absolutely Guaranteed!

SSuite NetSurfer Extension Library

Unfortunately the above extension is the only one we could find that is completely compatible and installable with our NetSurfer browser... but we will still keep on looking for others!

The above Youtube AdBlocker is completely undetectable and will not influence your account in any way. I have not received any warnings from Google while surfing through Youtube Ad-Free!

Installation Instructions

1. Download and unzip the above extension files to a folder of your choice e.g. C:\Browser\NetSurfer-Extensions. Open NetSurfer and select and open the "Extension Manager" dialog window underneath the "Settings..." option.

2. Click on the Add button and select the "manifest.json" file of the extension that you just downloaded and want to install. That is it, the extension is now installed and active inside NetSurfer. If you want to uninstall any extension in the list, just select the extension and click on the "Remove" button.

Please Do NOT uninstall the first two extensions from Microsoft, they are default extensions from Microsoft and we don't have the files for them and cannot be replaced once deleted or removed!

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We are still the ONLY software company in the world that does not require a "Login Prompt" or "Account Registration" for you to use our online Progressive Web Applications or desktop software.

Our online software also does NOT run in the Cloud, but directly inside your browser!

Your online safety and privacy are absolutely guaranteed!