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Our New Download Landing Page Explained...

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Free and Fast running Software from SSuite Office. The best place to get you free software downloads. No Java or DotNet required. Green Energy Software. WIN32 API native Windows Applications.Some or most of you might have noticed that we now have new download landing pages on our website. I created these landing pages for two reasons.

The first reason was due to the high number of DDOS attacks we've experienced in the last year, I was forced to change our download links. Those F%$#% bastards kept coming back and running download scripts trying to bring down our servers and depleting our bandwidth in order to freeze or close down our web site!

The second reason is to make it easier to update any new software releases. The download link is now in one place accessible. So with one update and it is available everywhere this page is linked to.

Below you will view a screenshot of a landing page and the description of each component and element on this page.

Our New Download Landing Page Explained. Some or most of you might have noticed that we now have new download landing pages on our website.

You have three download options available. If you decide to select the Google Drive download link, please wait about 5-10 seconds before the download commences. This is because the Google Drive connection is using secure socket layer { SSL }.

There are three download links available, this is done for reliability and backup purposes. Just to make sure you get to download our excellent software without any problems.   ;)

  • Download 1  -  This download is linked to OpenDrive.com, our main cloud storage provider.
  • Download 2  -  This download is directly from our servers. SSuiteOffice.com
  • Download 3  -  This download is from our Google Drive account. Our most fastest download link.

The MD5 number is there to make sure your download was successful and without any errors or data corruption. You can use our new security app SSuite Agnot StrongBox to check the MD5 number and make sure your download was correct.

Please also take note of the extra mirror download link in the bottom middle of the page. This has been added incase the above links no longer work or are not available. You may use this mirror link at any time. It is linked to our free account at MediaFire, a file sharing cloud service.

Just be advised that the MediaFire link landing page is also ad-supported. This is because we don't have the resources to pay for a full professional account. The download itself is a clean and direct download, no added third-party add-ons!

...and that is guaranteed!!

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